Last call for new soccer stars!

Hello everyone,

This is Mike Dolan. On Saturday, we will begin our fifth year with the New York Red Bulls training program at McLaughlin Park on Tillary St. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, and it’s been a joy to watch the kids grow into confident players on the field. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they get better. The weather looks like it will be great on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to seeing the kids back on the field!

Just a few brief notes before we get started on Saturday:

We still can accommodate a few more players in both the 3-5 year-old-range, as well as the 6-9 year old range. If you have done the program previously (or not), and are still on the fence about signing your child up, we’d greatly appreciate it if you can do so prior to Saturday. You would need to fill out the Red Bulls Waiver Form which can be found here: Register“ If you do not fill out the waiver electronically prior to Saturday, the Red Bull trainers will not let your child partake in the session. They have been very strict about this in the past. It’s extremely helpful to us to have all of the paperwork done prior to Saturday and to have an accurate count of the kids, so we know how to prepare the session’s activities and maximize their time on the field.

Please take a moment to refresh your memory on details and program guidelines. They’re very simple but very important in ensuring that your child is adequately prepared to take the field and have a great time.

Throughout the season, I will be posting some of the Red Bull Academy videos of drills that the kids can do on their own. The videos are great, particularly for the older kids in the group who are beginning to advance in ability.

Lastly, I will also periodically forward special ticket package offers provided by the team in case you would like to take your family to a Red Bulls game this year. The team highly encourages kids to watch professionals play if they can, and I couldn’t agree more. Even if it means watching a game with your child on television, the concepts that we teach are put into practice by the pros every day. It’s common for us to take the kids through certain exercises that the pros still do to this day. Denise and I took Ben to a game last year and it was an amazing experience for all of us.

Thanks again, everyone! I’m looking forward to a great season.